Virtual Concierge with Artificial Intelligence just for our guest!

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Introducing Virtual Concierge at Lily Bay Chalet and Beaver Cove House!

Pine Tree Stays

We are thrilled to share some exciting news with you!

As part of our ongoing commitment to enhancing your experience with us, we are delighted to announce the addition of Virtual Concierge services to two of our premier properties: Lily Bay Chalet and Beaver Cove House, Moosehead Lake, ME. We believe this innovative addition will significantly elevate your stay and provide you with unparalleled convenience and support throughout your time with us.

Our Virtual Concierge service has been meticulously crafted with Artificial Intelligence to cater to your every need. Accessible through your mobile devices and Alexa Echo devices conveniently placed within the properties, this Virtual Concierge is at your service anytime, day or night.

Here are just a few ways our Virtual Concierge can enhance your stay:

  1. Immediate Assistance: Simply ask Alexa any questions you have, such as "Alexa, how do I use the hot tub?" or "Alexa, where is a good fine dining restaurant nearby?" and receive instant, detailed responses.

  2. Property Information: Gain comprehensive insights into each property, including amenities, features, and operational details, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable stay.

  3. Local Recommendations: Discover the best attractions, dining options, and activities in the area, tailored to your preferences and interests.

  4. Voice Reviews: Be the first to experience our groundbreaking feature allowing you to leave voice reviews directly through the Virtual Concierge. Share your feedback effortlessly and help us continue to improve our services.

We are proud to announce that Pine Tree Stays properties are the first and only vacation rentals in the area to offer such advanced technology specifically curated to enhance your stay. Our aim is to exceed your expectations and provide you with an unforgettable experience that leaves you longing to return.

We cannot wait to welcome you to Lily Bay Chalet and Beaver Cove House and introduce you to our state-of-the-art Virtual Concierge service. 

We look forward to making your stay with us truly exceptional.

Warm regards,
Raf and Jenn


Virtual Concierge on your phone anytime, anywhere! 😀